2 ways to improve your content marketing strategy today

Content marketing is absolutely vital to your small business, but it can also be incredibly hard to organise. You know you have to write regularly and produce other content at the same time, but you just don’t seem to have enough hours in the day.

There must be some way you can develop content on a disciplined level, so that no matter what happens in your ridiculously busy life, you’re still churning out high quality content that your audience wants to read.

There is. And it’s called getting organised.

Organisation is so vital to your content marketing that we recommend getting someone else to do it for you if you can’t hack the pace. Good organisation is the engine that powers a high quality content marketing campaign, helping you to methodically create and distribute relevant and unique content on a regular basis.

And it’s why so many small businesses fail in their content marketing. They just don’t have that engine.

How’s your desk?

Is your desk tidy and organised? If you don’t have a desk, do you have a space to work that is free of clutter and noise? Before you start creating content for your site and/or blog, find a place that you can dedicate to writing and generating content. You have to treat the development of content like it’s a business. And businesses rent office space for a reason.

Become an expert

Now that you’re organised with a clutter-free place to work, start getting involved in your industry. This means immersing yourself in the content that others in your industry produce. This will allow you to do two things. Firstly, it keeps you up to date with what people are writing about, and what your customers expect to read and view.

Secondly, it makes you more confident. You will be ‘part’ of the industry you’re going to create content about. Read and absorb as much as you can and soon you’ll start to understand the industry better, and develop an insight. You’ll be an expert before you know it.

And here is the Internet’s great leveller. You can learn anything about anything online. So as someone who wants to be an expert and use this expertise as part of his or her marketing, make full use of the Internet to develop your knowledge base.

How do you do this? You get signed up with some news aggregator sites. These sites update literally every minute, and you can filter them so that they only bring you news about your industry. You can try Google News, which sends out useful articles to you via email. These articles keep you up to date with your industry. You can ask for blog posts or news articles, or both.

Sites like feedly.com offer a news digest. They are useful for opinion pieces that get you thinking about your business. Again, you can set a filter to keep the content relevant to your industry.

The next stage

So, you’ve got a clean place to work and industry-relevant stuff to work with. The next stage involves creating a content strategy. And we will cover aspects of that in the next post.

If you need to create any kind of content as part of your marketing strategy, and you need any help in getting started or even keeping it consistent, get in touch. Talented Marketing provides high quality marketing services in Devon, serving Torquay, Exeter, Plymouth and everywhere else on the planet.

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