3 reasons why no one respects your website content

Despite what you think, it is easy to create website content. Whether it’s your homepage or your blog posts, anyone can throw up a few hundred words within an hour or so and then have a page of content to show their site visitors. What isn’t easy, on the other hand, is creating great website […]

9 ways to create flyers that bring you leads

If you need a flyer for your service or product, there are a few things that you need to think about before you just send it out willy-nilly. Flyers really have to stand out these days, because if they don’t they will be ignored. In this article we look at nine ways in which you […]

Why content has to be part of your marketing strategy

If there is one aspect of your marketing strategy that really needs constant and committed attention it is the content marketing that you do. Content marketing is now becoming the most accessible method of marketing today. But many marketers view it as being the most frustrating aspect of what they do. This article highlights a […]

5 ways to improve your branding in 2014

It seems that branding is getting a bit of a makeover. Branding has long been that elusive thing that most companies try hard to achieve, and some even struggle to understand. But it has changed massively over the last two years, and with the growth of social media, branding is something companies need to be […]

The 3 most common excuses for not blogging

    The majority of business owners don’t think they need a blog. For them, business is good, or at least it is doing okay. And in any case, what they do could never (they think) be interesting to anyone else. But you would be surprised how many ‘ordinary’ small and medium-sized businesses have blogs […]