Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Tactics For Small Business Marketing

See on – content marketing Infographic: Do-It-Yourself Tactics For Small Business Marketing Marketing Land Run a small business? Chances are, you’re not just the boss. You’re also the chief marketing officer. It’s tough being both the CEO and CMO, but you’re not alone.   Sahail Ashraf‘s insight: I like the ‘It’s okay to ask […]

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Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses: how to add value

See on – content marketing Successful social media marketing isn’t just measured by the size of a company’s fan base. Even more important than how many fans and followers your company can gain, is how many it can actually keep.   Sahail Ashraf‘s insight: In this article there are some great points about using […]

Study: Facebook Will Lose 80% of Its Users by 2017

See on – content marketing A new study out of Princeton uses disease modeling to predict the social network’s impending doom. Sahail Ashraf‘s insight: Disease modelling to predict Facebook’s spread across the globe.    How ironic.   Facebook is rapidly becoming something secondary, something ‘good, but not that good’.   The growth of video […]

The 33 Undisputable Laws of Content Marketing Success

See on – content marketing There has been a lot of fuss about content marketing and how to make it work if you’re a business. In frank and concise language, Marcus Sheridan explains how content marketing is based on “principles” in this slide show– and is not a fleeting strategy that will come and go […]

How to Make Your Content go Viral: Content Marketing Tips

See on – content marketing Making content go viral seems to be every content marketer’s dream. They want to produce that blog post, infographic, video or article that is shared across the Internet in large numbers and very quickly.   Sahail Ashraf‘s insight: An interesting piece here on ‘viral marketing’ (by the way, I […]

The game has changed – marketing spends on content to rise in 2014

See on – Small business marketing 2014 will be the year of content marketing in the business-to-business (B2B) space. Three-quarters of B2Bs intend to up spending on content, ramping up investments in tactics such as email marketing, social media and online video.   ___________________________________ â–º Receive a FREE daily summary of The Marketing Technology […]

The death of content marketing?

Why Content Marketing is Killing Content Marketing

See on – content marketing (subscription) Why Content Marketing is Killing Content Marketing Business 2 Community If you have already jumped onto the content marketing bandwagon, it’s time to step back and take a hard look at exactly what you are…   Sahail Ashraf‘s insight: It’s important to deliver quality in your content […]