Content marketing is not ponytails. Get real

I was commenting on a blog post on Convince and Convert, and I received a pleasant surprise. The comment I received back added value to my experience. This rarely happens, where a response to a blog comment is something that adds to the conversation, or takes it to an entirely new level. The post was […]

The one question every business owner dreads?

I spoke to a prospective client today. He runs a successful and growing Web development agency. It makes apps too, and is poised to become an even more successful agency soon, as the world pretty much goes completely mobile. After a few minutes I started to realise that I was being a real chicken about […]

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Why your marketing is all wrong

Here’s a clip of Gary Vaynerchuk, who is one of the most watchable speakers ever, I believe. His language may be a bit too coarse for some, but his points about marketing, and more specifically about selling, ring true. To use a truly horrifically hackneyed word that I’m almost dreading typing, his ideas resonate. For […]

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How to create content marketing you can’t ignore

See on – content marketing How would you like to be able to create content so desirable that people can’t help but take you up on your incredible offer?   Sahail Ashraf‘s insight: For years now, marketing has been inextricably linked with selling. Marketers have picked up this ball and run with it, producing […]