What I Learned from Felix Dennis

People who are creative, resourceful and determined are more likely to become successful entrepreneurs. People who are meticulous, perfectionist and plan-orientated are less likely to succeed at entrepreneurship. There. I said it. Maybe it’s true. Maybe you don’t really need a detailed business plan to make something happen. One of my favourite people in the […]

Nice content marketing?

Play nice with your content marketing

In these content marketing heavy times, it is important that companies don’t just ‘add to the noise’. It’s easy to do. Take the company that talks about itself all the time. On twitter it can’t stop updating with news about its latest clients, office gossip, and anything else that makes it’s loyal fans happy. Does […]

Cold calling techniques

Cold calling techniques for professionals (two)

In the previous post in this series, we looked at some of the positive aspects of cold calling for business. Cold calling is something that, if done right, can transform the revenue of your business. As stated in the previous post, a lot of this has to do with the fact that you are able […]

cold calling call back

Cold calling techniques for professionals

I have recently upped my telemarketing efforts, and it has been a particularly pleasing experience. I’ve found out a few truths about telemarketing, along with some cold calling techniques, that have now given me a strong focus on how to improve results and also improve my overall approach to marketing in general. Last week I […]