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How to write About Us page content

Your About Us (or About Me for individuals) page is one of the most important pages on your site. If you don’t believe this, everyone else does. Take a look at your site metrics, the data you get from a site like Google Analytics. Chances are that every single visitor (or nearly every single visitor) […]


The Return of the Blog Post Comment Strategy Part Two

(Thanks to blogmarketingbook.com for the image) Initial Approaches In the last post in this series we kind of introduced the idea of returning to blog post commenting as a means of bringing traffic and engagement to your site. We looked at the issue of being ‘scared’ of blog post commenting, and dealt with that. We […]


More blog commenting stuff (and Mr Cutts)

Matt Cutts has produced over 500 videos on behalf of Google. These videos have been about his favourite subject: spam. It is his job to do this, after all. Blog commenting is a great way to bring in new contacts and new leads, as you develop a strategy that involves meeting new people, sharing ideas […]


The Return of the Blog Post Comment Strategy Part One

Let’s get one thing straight right now Google, I am not here to talk about commenting on other people’s blogs solely to try and build up quick traffic spurts. That’s not me. It will never be me. Instead, I think it’s time we looked at posting on other people’s blogs as a valuable, meaningful exchange […]

Great video content marketing through gelato

I thought I was going to talk about Facebook today because that seems like a reasonably hot topic right now, but instead I’m going to talk about gelato. I’m a little annoyed because for some bizarre reason I was brought up to not know the difference between gelato and ice cream. And it grates. Anyway, […]

Chat is the future of content marketing

So the future of content marketing is chat. Who knew? Chat apps, like SnapChat, are apparently going to change the world of marketing. You read it here first. Or you probably didn’t, because it doesn’t take an Einstein to recognise that the instant chat apps that are popular among the young demographic (for now) are […]


Getting started with content marketing Part One

This is the biggest issue. Getting started with content marketing is incredibly scary for many people. They hear about how essential this kind of marketing is and they may even attend a seminar or Webinar and feel really excited for all of ten minutes. Then they crash. They crash because they don’t know where to […]