LinkedIn for people who have no time for it: part one

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most important social media platforms you should be on if you run a small business. But because you run a small business you will probably start to sweat as soon as you hear about ‘building your profile’ or ‘engaging with thought leaders’. There is no time for that. Let’s […]

Talented Content Marketing Minute podcast One

Here’s the first Talented Content Marketing Minute podcast. I hope you like it. The aim is to try and give some quick and easy advice on content marketing. The kind of stuff you can action immediately. The hope is that this advice can be condensed into a minute (so that it doesn’t have to be […]

Image of female hands on the keys typing documents

Why not post less frequently to business blogs?

It’s a thought. This blog you are reading right now is a blog that is updated as often as possible (partly because I love writing) and it’s fine. But some people post once a month, or once every couple of weeks. That’s fine too. You need to find a rhythm. One that suits you and […]

Business growth ideas-3 ways to grow your business

Chris Cardell is an excellent marketer. Some say he’s a genius, but I don’t think he is. I think he is just very good at conveying simple and effective marketing principles. He also does a lot of content marketing. I receive mail (actual mail) from him regularly. I’m sure I only ever replied to one […]