Content marketing and the medium-sized business

The medium sized business probably has the hardest time creating a content marketing strategy. It’s kind of easy if you’re small, because you have less to worry about. And if you’re a large business, you can’t really expect any sympathy whatever you do. For medium guys though, they have to work especially hard to get […]


How to deal with negative blog comments

If you run a blog and you are working hard to make sure it stays current and consistent as regards output, well done. You’re on the way to success. Your business will succeed simply because you’re committed. And that’s what it takes. However, it doesn’t automatically mean that everyone is going to like you. In […]


Some real-life advice on Twitter for business

Ahh, Twitter. I have to confess I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. In fact, last week I had to finally remove the app from my iPhone because I was using it just a little too much. And that’s just scary. But if you use Twitter for your business you may have noticed something strange […]


Write less for clearer Web content

If you write blog posts or articles as part of your content marketing, you’ll know it is hard work. The content has to be high quality stuff. It has to engage readers, as well as inform. You also need to make sure it is long enough. In fact, post and article length has been a […]


The 3 online tools I can’t do without

I’ve always been the type of person who likes the odd shortcut or two. There’s nothing better than finding a way to get things done quicker or more efficiently. A way to beat the system. And it’s even more fun when you find a way to just make your life a little smoother. As a […]


Cupcakes (and Business Marketing Strategy)

Many years ago I used to hang out with someone who I had nothing in common with. He was witty and clever, I was the opposite. He was good-looking, I was…well, I was me. He also did well at school. I didn’t. I hung out with him because he was everything I wasn’t and this […]


How to gain credibility online. And quick

A few months ago I was at a really awful networking meeting (I might as well be honest about it) where I ended up literally watching the clock, eating stale bread rolls while making depressing ‘conversation’ with astonishingly boring and self-serving people. Not a great morning. But the worst part was seeing a guy step […]


Is your business facing an iceberg?

I’m probably not alone in saying that I’ve been in some pretty boring companies and organisations in the past. Companies do get old, and when they get old it is quite easy to see why. All you hear is complaining, and you don’t understand why some people actually work in the building. For example, I […]