The 3 most common excuses for not blogging


Blogging is vital to your marketing.

Blogging is vital to your marketing.


The majority of business owners don’t think they need a blog. For them, business is good, or at least it is doing okay. And in any case, what they do could never (they think) be interesting to anyone else.

But you would be surprised how many ‘ordinary’ small and medium-sized businesses have blogs that are read by thousands of people. It doesn’t matter if you are a plumber or a florist, a web designer or a cleaning company; your customers are interested in what you do.

We would like to take a look at some compelling reasons why your business needs a blog. So we’ve put a short series of posts together that will go out over the next few weeks. Firstly, in this post, we would like to look at 3 reasons why so many business owners don’t have blogs, and why there is still no excuse for not using blogging as part of your marketing.

No time to use a blog for marketing

One of the most common reasons for not starting a business blog as part of your marketing efforts is a lack of time. Business owners are busy people. However, this still doesn’t negate the fact that a blog is absolutely vital to your marketing efforts. If you are busy with business, and we sincerely hope you are, then there is a way out of this.

If time is a serious issue, you can still have a blog regularly updated as part of your marketing, just give it to someone else to do. In other words, don’t stress about it, just find a writer.

We will cover aspects of outsourcing your blog in future posts, but for now, understand that having no time to write a blog is no longer an excuse.

The experience/skills argument

This argument focuses on the belief that you don’t have the experience to blog, or the necessary skills. You may feel that you do not have great spelling or grammar, or the creativity to write the kind of content that engages readers. But ordinary people, not experts in the English language, write the best business blogs in the world right now. They’re all pretty much the same as you.

It isn’t worth it

But it is worth it. Here are some facts for you. Studies show that 71% of customers say that blogs affect their buying decisions when shopping online. No blog, no influence.

Want another convincer? How about the fact that companies that blog have 55% more website visitors?

The search engines (Google, Bing etc.) index the pages on your site/blog. The more pages you have, the higher up the page ranking you go. And every time you write a blog post, that’s another page that will be indexed.

So the more you blog, the more visible you are in search engines.


No more excuses

So time, skills and perceived value don’t matter. You have no excuses. Blogging puts your business out there for customers to engage with, and it is a vital part of your marketing. In fact, if you took away social media, all social media, you could still have an equivalent presence with a blog alone.

In our next post on business blogging we will look at some key reasons why your business needs a blog. In the meantime, if blogging isn’t part of your marketing and you would really like it to be, get in touch with us here.


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