5 ways to improve your branding in 2014

It seems that branding is getting a bit of a makeover. Branding has long been that elusive thing that most companies try hard to achieve, and some even struggle to understand. But it has changed massively over the last two years, and with the growth of social media, branding is something companies need to be very careful with. In this post we look at a few issues around branding that should really become part of your overall marketing strategy in 2014.

The first big issue is trust. With social media being such a powerful force, any company that doesn’t use social media properly and with integrity will suffer greatly in 2014. Your customers know exactly where to find you, and they can easily drop a comment bomb that could kill off business for you if you’re not careful. Manage your social media properly and gain the trust of your customers. To make sure your branding on social media is perfect, you have to stay true to what you say you will do, and not let your customers down. Remember that branding is all about the public face of your company, and your company is more ‘public’ on social media than anywhere else.
Mobile is important too. You may have heard about ‘responsive’ websites. If you don’t have a website that is available and quickly ‘readable’ on all sorts of devices, from smartphones to tablets, you’re going to suffer. Your branding has to be consistent across all platforms or you will find that your customers will quickly leave. To make your branding perfect, you have to make sure that your site is responsive. Ask your web designer to help on this. If they don’t know what responsiveness means, fire them.
As part of your branding strategy, consider becoming more socially responsible. We’re not expecting you to help run the world, or even the town, but you should be up for having some impact on the community around you. This is particularly important for your local branding. Whether it means sponsoring a school event, or helping out with charities, some kind of social responsibility is important these days. Branding will become very social responsibility led in 2014, so make sure you’re ready for that.
The best branding opportunities will come through crowdsourcing in 2014. This means having conversations with your customers and your supporters. Asking people to help with your logo, for example, does two things. First of all you get a better logo that your customers actually like. Secondly, it also means that people are more engaged with your brand. Crowdsource your branding more in 2014 and you will reap the benefits.
Finally, if you’re not visual, you’re not there. Take the lead from sites like Instagram and Pinterest and include more visual elements in your website and through all your branding channels. Having more images, and video, in your branding overall will make you more visual and gain instant recognition with your customers. A lot of branding is visual anyway, and you need to take notice of this and put plans into effect to make your own branding at least 50% more visual in 2014.

Branding is incredibly important. It’s your voice, your image, and it’s what people think of when they hear your company name. In 2014, consider the five ideas in this post and you should have a better year for branding overall.

By Sahail Ashraf.

For help with your branding, contact us here at Talented Marketing. We work with companies in Torbay and beyond, and help them build their branding both online and offline.

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