A quick recap on Twitter (for those not in the know)

Okay, Twitter is about to go the Way of All Social Media and pull out a kind of Snapchat/instagram copy with Moments (for everyone) soon, but I thought I’d dig into my favorite platform today for a second or two. I want to just give a quick rundown of what Twitter is and how it works, so if you’re not yet involved in it (and some aren’t) this should be a quick basic synopsis.

Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to post up a very short (140 characters) update or ‘tweet’. The tweets are generally news-related, and should not be overly promotional. Some brands do create promotional tweets and spam those out 24/7, but no one really follows those guys anyway.

‘Following’ involves finding people you like and then following them. By following them, you get to see all of their updates. Following is fun, as long as you choose the people you want to follow very carefully. If you blanket follow lots and lots of people, you will soon find yourself watching the steady unrolling of some pretty meaningless tweets.

Quick tip: follow around 50-100 people a day.

As you develop your own Twitter account and really put in the work to make it engaging, you should find that more and more people follow you. This is a crucial aspect of things on Twitter, because if you don’t steadily increase your follower count, you will become redundant, and people will not engage at all. It’s up to you to prove that you are important and worth following, this way people will jump on your account. And then every time you post a tweet, it will appear in your follower’s feed.

Quick tip: tweet a lot, but not too much. I personally tweet from 10-20 times a day.

If you want to up the game a little, you can start creating hashtags. These little beauties allow you to find information on a certain subject. If you want to find out about Beyonce’s tour, for example, you should search for hashtags that have #Beyonce or #Beyoncetour. It’s all incredibly useful stuff, and if you want to make it even more useful, you can set up your own hashtags. This takes a little bit of hard work though, and to really make the hashtag thing take off, you need to ensure that you have some reach and engagement first.

If a tweet is popular and useful or just plain funny it will be retweeted. Getting retweeted via Twitter means that you have something called engagement. People actually appreciate what you are tweeting and this builds, over time, your presence and the your authority.

Finally, make sure that you nail that promotional stuff. Don’t tweet too much about you and your company. If you spend more time talking about how amazing your products and services are, you’ll simply send people away in droves.

Quick tip: the ratio should be 80% news and useful tweets, 20% self-promotional.

Struggling with social media for your business? I know where you can find some help. And it’s in the form of an easy to read eBook. Try it, I reckon it will give you some solid answers.

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