Why Andy Kaufman would create incredible content marketing

Me? None of my ideas are new.

Neither are yours. Think about it. When was the last time you told anyone what you do, what you really do, and the response was a dropped pen, or a mouth truly, genuinely wide open in amazement?

You’re not a prophet; you’re not the guy who invented the wheel. You’re just you, selling a message, hoping to win customers, fans, and kindred spirits.

So it’s up to you to sell that message like you’ve never sold anything before. And you do this by being there. You attend everything; whether this means blogging on a regular basis or creating a guide for that difficult segment of customers you just can’t seem to reach, no matter how many times you try.

Cold-calling, trade shows and seminars

It means cold calling (because cold-calling, no matter what anyone tells you, does work). It means attending trade shows and conferences, networking events and seminars, with your game face on and your business cards so ready to fly they’re practically in the other guy’s hands before you walk in the room.

None of my ideas are new. So what hope do I have? I’m meeting a prospect tomorrow who already gets ‘the other guy’ to do all his marketing. The other guy is an established company that ‘does the marketing’ for other companies in my town and beyond. There’s an incredibly high chance that I will walk in there tomorrow with next to no hope of sealing a deal. But I don’t care.

I really don’t. I’m a fanatic. I love what I do. I know that my company is as good as any other company in my industry. Not because I’ve spent decades honing my craft. But because I can’t wait to learn more, do more, and be that guy that people recognise as worth doing business with.

This thing? This concept? It’s Gary Vaynerchuk. It’s Steve Jobs. It’s even Andy Kaufman. It’s anyone who doesn’t give a hoot what people think. As long as they understand it’s important, that’s all that matters.

I ‘do’ content marketing. And content marketing is currently the biggest thing in any conversation about marketing anywhere in the world right at this moment. So I can’t differentiate myself by producing a better kind of content marketing, or a unique content marketing. I can only be me. I have to be the fanatic.

Andy would make a connection

So when I meet anyone and they ask what I do, they have to ‘get’ me, not the service I offer. If that works out, I’ll make a connection and then be able to communicate, create relationships, and basically enjoy what I do even more.

If you are currently staring at a networking meeting invite and you’re telling yourself that you ‘don’t do’ that kind of thing, wake up, give yourself a quick slap in the face, and get real.

You will not grow your business unless you start to become the fanatic for what you do. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and once you know why you do what you do, it will become part of your personality.

That’s what Andy did. He was the strangest guy on the planet. Apparently he faked his own death so if you’re out there Andy, I mean ‘strangest’ in the nicest possible way.

But you could not avoid him, you wanted to watch him, you didn’t know what he was doing but you knew it was important.

You have to make people realise how important and vital your business is to you. Do that and you will engage people.

And that’s when you will start to grow.

Don’t sell your product. Don’t sell your service.

Sell you.

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