Quick wins to help increase blog engagement

Engagement is the Holy Grail online. It’s all well and good to have traffic, but unless people are actually engaging with your site, blog or social media content, the whole thing is a big waste of time and money. Personally, I’ve felt the pain here. After spending literally three days straight creating a series of […]

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How to effectively repurpose ideas from your blog

Blogging is fun, but sometimes the worst happens and you dry up. Run out of ideas. It’s happened to me more than a few times. Stuck with the most terrifying Blank Page, I’ve sat there with literally nothing to say. It can happen with all types of blogging content, all topics. All industries. If you’re […]

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The Ultimate Blogging Cheat Sheet

Got a new blog? Great. Don’t touch it. Read this first. If you have created a new blog you have in your hands a golden opportunity. You have the chance to take something that is brand new and make it a special and worthy piece of work. Or you could of course go the way […]


How to promote your blog like a genius

Promoting your blog is an essential part of having a blog. If your business has run a blog for some time you may be a little frustrated at the lack of engagement it receives. It is easy to feel like your blog is a wasteland, with no one even visiting it, let alone sharing content […]

Talented Content Marketing Minute podcast One

Here’s the first Talented Content Marketing Minute podcast. I hope you like it. The aim is to try and give some quick and easy advice on content marketing. The kind of stuff you can action immediately. The hope is that this advice can be condensed into a minute (so that it doesn’t have to be […]

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Why not post less frequently to business blogs?

It’s a thought. This blog you are reading right now is a blog that is updated as often as possible (partly because I love writing) and it’s fine. But some people post once a month, or once every couple of weeks. That’s fine too. You need to find a rhythm. One that suits you and […]


The Return of the Blog Post Comment Strategy Part One

Let’s get one thing straight right now Google, I am not here to talk about commenting on other people’s blogs solely to try and build up quick traffic spurts. That’s not me. It will never be me. Instead, I think it’s time we looked at posting on other people’s blogs as a valuable, meaningful exchange […]

Going back in content marketing

Content marketing ideas: going back

Sometimes, the most obvious things in content marketing escape us.   We can be tearing our hair out, trying to find ways to beat the content marketing slump. And that’s mostly about the ideas. It’s easy to run out of ideas. The flow stops. And you end up thinking about some crazy schemes like buying […]

List posts (and how to make them better)

If you are looking for new ideas for your blog and you’re just about running dry, it can seem a little desperate. Fear not. We are putting together a short series of content ideas for you. Our first idea is all about list posts, but not just any list posts. Right now they are everywhere, […]

How to use Linkedin for business

2 most important blogging tips ever

In this post we will look at the two most important blogging tips. We are assuming that you aren’t blogging for fun, and that you are blogging to try and bring more traffic to your site, and build customer engagement. If that sounds like you, read on. Blogs are funny things, because you generally have […]