Cupcakes (and Business Marketing Strategy)

Many years ago I used to hang out with someone who I had nothing in common with. He was witty and clever, I was the opposite. He was good-looking, I was…well, I was me. He also did well at school. I didn’t. I hung out with him because he was everything I wasn’t and this […]


Talented Content on LocoWise

You know us, we’re not the type to brag. The good people at LocoWise have published a post by our very own Sahail Ashraf. The post focuses on some amazing campaigns on Facebook. All of the companies featured in the frankly beautiful post are car manufacturers, and there is a lot to dive into. Some […]

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Arrogance around content marketing

That’s right, there are some people out there who are becoming a little snobby and arrogant around content marketing. Here is a WSJ article, in which it soon becomes apparent that some companies think content marketers will never be as good as real ‘journalists’. The idea is that these companies want to ‘own’ the conversation […]

Chat is the future of content marketing

So the future of content marketing is chat. Who knew? Chat apps, like SnapChat, are apparently going to change the world of marketing. You read it here first. Or you probably didn’t, because it doesn’t take an Einstein to recognise that the instant chat apps that are popular among the young demographic (for now) are […]

What I Learned from Felix Dennis

People who are creative, resourceful and determined are more likely to become successful entrepreneurs. People who are meticulous, perfectionist and plan-orientated are less likely to succeed at entrepreneurship. There. I said it. Maybe it’s true. Maybe you don’t really need a detailed business plan to make something happen. One of my favourite people in the […]