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How to manage your social media if you’ve got no time

With so much to do (and so many distractions), social media can be an all-encompassing time sink if you’re not careful. And that hurts. Spending hours trying to stay relevant on Twitter is not the way to go. Neither is updating your heart out on Facebook. Instead, consider managing your time more intelligently. It doesn’t […]


How to prevent social media platforms overwhelm

It’s often the case that the problems we face in business are quite easy to solve. One of the biggest (and easiest to solve) problems I have seen with my clients involves social media overwhelm. This is where a client has so much going on with social media that they are, essentially, killing off their […]


Some real-life advice on Twitter for business

Ahh, Twitter. I have to confess I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. In fact, last week I had to finally remove the app from my iPhone because I was using it just a little too much. And that’s just scary. But if you use Twitter for your business you may have noticed something strange […]


How to gain credibility online. And quick

A few months ago I was at a really awful networking meeting (I might as well be honest about it) where I ended up literally watching the clock, eating stale bread rolls while making depressing ‘conversation’ with astonishingly boring and self-serving people. Not a great morning. But the worst part was seeing a guy step […]


How to promote your blog like a genius

Promoting your blog is an essential part of having a blog. If your business has run a blog for some time you may be a little frustrated at the lack of engagement it receives. It is easy to feel like your blog is a wasteland, with no one even visiting it, let alone sharing content […]

Chat is the future of content marketing

So the future of content marketing is chat. Who knew? Chat apps, like SnapChat, are apparently going to change the world of marketing. You read it here first. Or you probably didn’t, because it doesn’t take an Einstein to recognise that the instant chat apps that are popular among the young demographic (for now) are […]