Why content has to be part of your marketing strategy

If there is one aspect of your marketing strategy that really needs constant and committed attention it is the content marketing that you do. Content marketing is now becoming the most accessible method of marketing today. But many marketers view it as being the most frustrating aspect of what they do. This article highlights a few of the ways marketers can ‘fail’ with content.

The first point makes a lot of sense. Anyone who runs a business or is on the payroll as a marketer has to feel protective of the content that goes up on the site or out in an email, for example, as part of their marketing strategy. If they succumb to the easy temptation of farming content to the worryingly successful ‘content farms’ they only have themselves to blame. Get an expert for your content, or have stuff that is meaningless, full of errors, and frankly quite embarrassing. Hold yourself to a high standard, basically.

Sticking with it

The rest of the post has plenty of value in it but we liked number eight the best. There is a lot to be said for sticking with the content side of things, long enough for two things to happen. Firstly, sticking with it will eventually bring traffic, engagement and conversions, which justifies your hard work on your marketing strategy. Secondly, sticking with it will make you into a passionate believer in what you do. No matter what you’re selling, you have to believe in it, and that means living it, every single day.

If you give up on the blog posts, the eBooks, the tweets, it will be a waste of time and will leave you high and dry as regards your brand presence. Stick with content marketing and make it a fundamental part of your marketing strategy, it’s mostly free and it only takes a small time commitment. You won’t see results after day one, but persistence always pays off.

Having a marketing strategy is vital if you are going to reach more people with your product and/or service. Content marketing is a huge part of that.

By Sahail Ashraf

We provide content marketing solutions for companies in Torbay, Devon and beyond. In fact, we have created quality content for people on the other side of the world. To see if we can help your business develop content that gets your company noticed, get in touch with us at Talented Marketing. 

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