How to create and develop a content strategy (part two)

One question content marketers come up against constantly is this: ‘What should I be writing about?’ The answer, of course, depends on the type of organisation you are and what goals you’d like your content to achieve.

One great way of figuring out what to write about is to use web analytics tools to generate ideas. Coming up with a constant stream of new topics is tough; it’s much easier to take a look at what content your readers are enjoying and go from there.

Web analytics tools are a great way to do this, as they make it easy for website owners to see which pieces of content their visitors most enjoy – this gives content strategists a better idea of what they need to be writing about moving forward. There are several ways to optimise content for web analytics, including:

Categories and tags

Categorise and tag your content with useful, relevant tags. Not only does this help visitors to your site navigate more easily, it also allows you to see which topics, or categories, interest them – and which don’t. This information can then be used to brainstorm what it is you need to be writing about in order to hold their attention.

The cream rises to the top

Which are your top-performing pieces of content? Use analytics to see which of your pages have the most views, and take note of the format and topic (or topics) of those posts. It’s also a good idea to see which content has the most shares on social media, and which ranks the best on search results. This way, you have a guideline for recreating pieces of content that have succeeded in the past.

Use your own search bar

Check out what search terms visitors to your site are using – what are they looking for when they visit you? Knowing this can help you tailor future content to meet these needs. It’s also worth asking yourself whether or not these searchers find what they’re looking for – if not, you can work on content that will make that happen.

Get engaged

User engagement is an important benchmark when figuring out what to write about. Take a good look at which of your posts has the most comments, or the most shares on social media. This tells you what most resonates with your readers, and what topics they’re most excited about.

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