9 ways to create flyers that bring you leads

If you need a flyer for your service or product, there are a few things that you need to think about before you just send it out willy-nilly. Flyers really have to stand out these days, because if they don’t they will be ignored. In this article we look at nine ways in which you can be sure your flyers grab attention and build interest in your business.


  • Firstly, find a place where a lot of flyers are being posted up, such as the local gym or bar. Scan the flyers that you see there and make a personal note of which ones appeal to you. If you can, take a pen and pad and make notes. Is it the colour, is it the size of the words, or the general overall look of the flyer?


  • If you’re printing out your own flyers you have to find the largest paper size that your printer can deal with. In the world of flyers, the biggest get the most attention. If you can afford a printshop, ask them to give you the biggest size flyer they can.


  • Continuing with paper, always use the brightly coloured stuff. You can use neon coloured paper but that tends to overpower the text on the page. Get something bright, so your flyer gets attention.


  • Make sure you choose a picture that immediately has an impact on the audience. Get a high quality picture, it’s worth buying one online, and ensure that you display this at it’s best in the flyer. Always ensure the contrast is high, and if you don’t know how to do this on your computer get an expert to help you. The picture will get the most immediate response from people, above everything else.


  • Remember to use fonts that are easily readable from a distance away. If you pay for really sophisticated and striking fonts, that are also complex, there is a risk that they will be hard to see from a distance. This also means that if you do have heavy printing and photocopying of these flyers, the fonts could quite easily become distorted. Keep it simple with fonts on your flyer and you should be fine.


  • Bow down to the God of whitespace. Too many flyers out there are full of clutter, with words everywhere and hundreds of tiny images that really make it difficult for the viewer to enjoy the experience. Have some whitespace around your headlines and images, and you will have more visual impact.


  • Do the distance test. Display the flyer somewhere and take 4-5 big paces back from it. If you can read the headline from this distance, your flyer can be seen from a distance, and will have the maximum effect.


  • Use a colour wheel for your flyer colour. Take two colours at the opposite ends of the colour wheel, for contrast, and the colours will ‘pop’.


  • Don’t ever stick flyers on parked cars. This is incredibly intrusive and is now a cause for complaint for many people. They may even call you directly and complain. Don’t be disruptive in this way; instead think of sensible places to display your flyers.


Flyers are great for spreading the word about your product or service and for finding leads. Follow these ideas in this article and you should ensure that you don’t step on people’s toes, and that your flyer has maximum impact.

By Sahail Ashraf


If you want to create flyers but don’t quite know where to begin, give Talented Marketing a call. We can create flyers that get noticed, and responded to. It isn’t rocket science, but it’s not a piece of cake either. It needs doing right. Give the job to us and we will create an amazing flyer for your company.

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