A foolproof formula for writing shareable blog posts (part four)

In my last blog post I talked about how we would look at ways to make your blog more engaging and therefore bring more authority to your site. There are too many blogs and websites out there at the moment that are simply selling something. This is unfortunate, because the majority of customers out there don’t like to be sold to.

Customers don’t like being told what to do. They also hate being made to feel like they’re unintelligent, and that they can’t make their own decisions. With the growth of the Internet and the increased accessibility and availability of information, customers and clients like to be in control. They also like to be entertained and to feel that they are special.

One of the ways in which you can build engagement and authority in your blog is to tell a story. Improving your storytelling skills as a blogger will increase the effectiveness of your marketing. Content marketing is about creating content that adds value and positions your company as an authority, and stories fit into this framework perfectly.

A mini story

To illustrate this, I’ll tell you a ‘mini story’. I recently met with a potential client to have coffee. I was a little nervous because there was a small voice in the back of my head saying that I needed this deal.

It was such a persistent voice it made me feel that if I didn’t get this deal I would lose something. Essentially, the voice was telling me that I was going to lose money if I did not walk away from the table with the deal in my pocket.

But after a few seconds I started to relax. I started to listen to the person talking to me on the opposite side of the table. And to me, this person became a human being rather than a talking marketing budget.

As time went on, I started to understand that this potential client had a clear idea on where he wanted to go with his marketing, a very clear idea in fact. If I had not listened to him, I would not have realised this.

By listening to the client I was able to discover that all he wanted was to have a good Facebook page.

I walked away from the table with the deal, so the small voice was happy. However, if I hadn’t listened and discovered the true nature of his needs, I would’ve walked away with nothing.

What´s your story?

Telling stories as part of your marketing

The story above would be something I’d use to illustrate the value of listening. By telling readers a story about a situation where I had to listen to somebody to effectively make money, I have done a lot more than I would by just writing out the simple phrase ‘you need to listen to clients’.

Now this wasn’t the most interesting story in the world, but it’s a true story and it’s real. I’m giving you a part of my experience there, which immediately makes me someone who has done something, learned a lesson, and hopes to share information and insight with my readers. No matter what you think of the story or how interesting it is to you, it’s real, and its authentic.

Being real and authentic is now quite rare on the Internet. It’s especially rare with companies that sell a product or service.

Truth is important in your marketing

By telling you the truth about the situation (it’s not many company owners who will admit to feeling they ‘have to chase a deal’) that happened to me I’m treating you, the reader, as an intelligent person who can understand the value in an authentic situation. Again, this is quite rare.

When you are creating blog posts and you want to create something that will be shared, try telling a story. You can’t do it too much, but if you do it every now and again you will be adding value to your reader’s day.

And that is something that people will feel compelled to share.

In the next post in this series we will look further into the concept of bringing authority and authenticity to your blog.


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