A foolproof formula for writing shareable blog posts (part three)

In the last couple of posts in this series, we have looked at principles behind effective blog post writing, with a focus on trying to make our blog posts shareable.

As promised, in this post we will look at ways in which you can make your blog post titles particularly effective and attention grabbing. Use these ideas, and you should be able to create blog posts that are more shareable than others.

Make your blog post seem incredibly urgent. This is a very effective strategy, and it feeds into the attention span of the modern blog reader. No one really wants to waste time online, unless they are intending to view funny cat photos and GIFs. With blog posts, you’d have a good chance of grabbing attention and making the post more shareable by creating a title that has urgency in it. So, for example, if you create a blog post title with the phrase ‘read this quickly!’ you’d have an immediate chance to grab some attention. In addition, this certainly makes the post more shareable because anyone who reads it knows that it will get attention via Twitter, for example or any other social sharing site.

Another great way of making your blog post title instantly shareable is to use the ‘How to’ post title. By telling someone how to do something you are instantly creating value. People go online to find value and to learn something, And if you’re serious about creating blog posts that are shareable and that improve your online profile and your authority, you need to educate. A blog post with ‘how to’ in the title will do this.

List posts. We have alluded to this style earlier in the series. List posts are incredibly effective at creating interest and pushing people to share. You can make a list post out of anything, as you can see from this post you’re reading right now. The only caveat with list posts is that you mustn’t use too many as part of your blog. As a business owner, this makes you look desperate for people to share your content.

You can always use language to get attention. This was most obvious in recent months with the high number of blog post titles that started with the words ‘the killer method’ or ‘one killer way to’ and so on. You don’t have to use the word ‘killer’, because if you can find words that are arresting and strong, without swearing obviously, you are bound to get people attention. That’s why blog post titles that contain phrases like ‘the foolproof way to’ tend to get read, because it’s very strong and powerful language.

Finally, you can ask your readers a question. For example, you can ask ‘how would you spend all the money you’re saving with e-mail marketing?’ Another example would be ‘what’s your favourite way to find new leads?’ These examples, while a little too long for our purposes, ask clear questions of your audience. Questions always get responses.


It is important to remember not to use misleading titles. We will come back to this later in the series but if you use a title that doesn’t link directly to what you are blogging about you are effectively lying to your audience.

This will guarantee that your content doesn’t get shared, because people will feel let down. Remember that people share stuff with their friends and colleagues if they feel it is valuable. A blog post that has nothing to do with the title is not valuable.

In the next part of this post we will look more closely at how to put more value into your blog posts so that people will find it difficult to avoid sharing them. In other words, we will focus on building authority through your posts as a way of promoting sharing.

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