A foolproof formula for writing shareable blog posts (part two)

In the first post in this series, we looked at being yourself and getting that across in your blogging. We talked about how this was possibly one of the most important aspects of creating a blog that gets read and shared. In today’s post, we are going to look at the post titles.

When you think about it, the title of your post is the only thing that has a cast-iron guarantee of being read. People will either continue to read the rest of your post after seeing the title or give up completely. So you need to grab them with that title.

Spend more than five minutes on the Internet and you’ll soon find plenty of posts that tell you how to create killer blog titles that will bring tons of traffic to your website. It is true that it can be a bit of a science to create a great blog title, but it is also important to remember that human beings are trying to read these things too, not just search engines. It is more important now than it has ever been that your blog post titles seem that they have been written by human beings for human beings, rather than just be full of keywords.

The length of your blog post is important

One scientific aspect of blog post title writing that I will subscribe to is length. Your aim here is to get a blog post title that is no more than eight words long (I know I’ve broken this rule here but that’s just me). Obviously, if you are going to try and write one that is 20 words long I am not going to stop you, but there’s a good chance people will not read it.

Eight words should be enough to get across what your blog post is about, and also stay nice and short enough so people won’t feel that you’re a boring person.

Telegraph the content in your blog post title

Also, it is common knowledge that your blog post title must give an idea of what the post is about. You may have seen some really famous bloggers write really weird titles. They can get away with that because they have an established audience who don’t really care about titles. For us lowly human beings, we have to ensure that our blog post titles give a clear indication of what people can expect when they make that click. Be simple, and don’t try to be clever. Otherwise, no one will show up to read your stuff.

I will go through a list of great ways to get attention with your titles in the next post in this series. But for now, I will focus on lists for a little while first. List posts are always good to read, because they are ‘scannable’ and fun. You will have seen plenty of these on the Internet, with ‘10 ways to save money on soft drinks’ being a clear example. Another one would be ‘Nine amazing facts about Justin Bieber’. Here are two for you to look at, one of them unrelated to marketing or business perhaps, but great fun:

http://bit.ly/1bcWkym – a list post related list post

http://bit.ly/1hNcuFK – a beard related list post

List posts work because they tell the reader what the post is about, and also they are easy to read. People know what they are going to get by the end of the article, and they know that it won’t take a long time to get it.

Oh, and by the way, the next post in this series will be…a list post on how to get attention with your blog post titles.

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