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How to create content marketing you can’t ignore

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How would you like to be able to create content so desirable that people can’t help but take you up on your incredible offer?


Sahail Ashraf‘s insight:

For years now, marketing has been inextricably linked with selling. Marketers have picked up this ball and run with it, producing marketing campaigns that are little more than selling campaigns.

It’s time to stop all that and start thinking about how you can market your company with a little more sophistication. The article above points out a couple of adverts that use that kind of sophistication in their message. These adverts are a part of marketing campaigns that worked on buyer’s emotions.

Only through emotions can we make a connection with prospects. Through emotions we can connect with them and help them understand what it is that we can do to improve their lives. It doesn’t matter what you sell, you are only selling it because it can improve some aspect of your prospects life. This includes everything, from potato peelers to cars.

Everything that can be sold is meant to improve someone’s life in some way. You need to tap into that with your content marketing.

What this article points out is that content marketing is unique in that it can produce items that work to connect with people. From videos that talk you through a process, to blog posts that help you feel better about yourself, content marketing can do so much more than standard marketing and advertising.

But there is a challenge here, too.

Halfway down the page the article asks a question of you that is actually quite difficult to answer. How can you make your product something that tells people that you going to save them money or increase their profits without actually saying the words?

You can’t do that by just showing the product, but you can surely produce videos or other content that hints at the value you can deliver?

If we get that right in our content marketing then we are succeeding. Marketing may well be the one intangible thing in the world when it comes to measurement, but if you can make some people feel better about your product, simply by showing them how you can improve their lives, then you have obviously succeeded.

I’m going to be talking at a networking meeting in a couple of days time. I know that the fact we offer content marketing makes Talented Content different from many other companies in the local area. But unless I create that ‘attachment’ and somehow convey that to the audience, I’m just a voice and a suit.

It is creating that attachment that makes marketing, and business in general, so frustrating and so exciting at the same time. Look at your business right now, how are you creating an attachment for your customers? How are you making yourself different to other businesses that do exactly the same as you?

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