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How to effectively repurpose ideas from your blog

Blogging is fun, but sometimes the worst happens and you dry up. Run out of ideas. It’s happened to me more than a few times. Stuck with the most terrifying Blank Page, I’ve sat there with literally nothing to say. It can happen with all types of blogging content, all topics. All industries.

If you’re struggling to find something to create content about, relax. I’ve put together a few ideas on how you can get that Mojo working again, and all of the ideas are based upon the central concept of re-using the content you already have.

Pick out the content that has the most ‘stuff’

You probably know that there are certain types of blog posts that bring more engagement. Remember that post you did a few months ago, the one that included a ton of data? That one is worth repurposing. Or that post that contained 20 different quotes from industry experts? Again, that’s a goldmine.

When you are trying to repurpose ideas from your blog, choose posts that have interesting data or quotes. You can drill down deeper into the ideas here, and produce more content this way. For example, 20 quotes can turn into 20 posts. Just look at the ideas and explore them further. A quote about how Twitter is easier to use than LinkedIn, for example, can become an easy comparison post.

You probably worked very hard on these posts, so read them again and pick out ideas and opinions that you can create more content over.

Make it focused

When you repurpose ideas, it can be easy to do it quickly. But taking the time to drag out the key facts from a post, for example, and then creating a super-focused infographic around them, that stuff is gold.

You will have built that old post around these facts. Make the facts the new post and you will see a leaner, effective use of old content. It doesn’t have to be an infographic either. It could be a slideshare, or a video. Just use the old factual information and data that you worked hard to find in a new post and it’s all good.

List posts

These things are goldmines when it comes to repurposing. Simply grab an old list post and take each item on the list. Make a new post out of each of these. This is one of the easiest ways to repurpose ideas and if you have a long list post, you have a number of new posts that should keep you going for a while. And you can always link back and forth on your blog between the source and the new stuff too.


This is one of the classic ways to repurpose ideas on your blog. Take an old post that did well (or didn’t) and simply rewrite it with a new slant, update or better approach.

A new slant or update makes it even more relevant today. Maybe there is an industry event that links to what you’re saying in a post for example. It’s a totally legitimate way to refresh content.

And if your old post was poorly written (it happens) write it again with a fresh zinger of a new title, and you’ve repurposed old content in a quick and easy way.

Your blog is a great place to find new ideas or update old ones. Don’t ignore it. As a source of content, it’s invaluable. Repurpose ideas. It makes sense.

And guess what? That Blank Page may not be that scary anymore.

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