How to get better at content curation for your blog

Content curation is one of the very best ways to boost the value your online profile offers. Get it right (and systematic) and you will have a steady stream of content that should engage your audience. And it doesn’t have to be just about your blog. Content curation stretches out further, and it’s easy to build out months of content for your social media channels too. The best way to do it is to use some specialist sites that can help. But it’s also important to know why content curation is useful, and what it is in the first place.

What is content curation?

Content curation is where you spend time finding valuable content online, the kind of content that you feel would enhance your reader’s experience. So the whole thing can be boiled down to one word: value.

If you find a great video that explains clearly the way to solve a customer problem, and then link to that video in your Twitter feed, you are ‘curating content’. Because that content (the video) will help your audience with a problem it has, you are doing them a service.

Think of a museum that has a definite mission. For example, a museum of art. If you were the curator of that museum, you would look for the best pieces of art and accompanying information to ensure that the visitors got the most out of their visit. The same goes for your content curation.

Why use content curation?

Social media relies upon the ‘social’ part, and if you’re constantly selling your stuff rather than being part of the conversation, no one is going to listen for long. It’s about adding value again.

By curating content, you’re jumping into a community and getting involved, rather than just screaming at them in order to make them buy your latest upgrade.

Be that different type of brand and provide lots of great stuff for your audience for free. Don;t be the virtual equivalent of a door-to-door salesman. It just doesn’t work anymore.

How can I do it quickly?

I don’t feel that anything in content curation should take more than a few minutes, so I recommend that you get familiar (very quickly) with the following resources. They are all incredibly easy to set up and get started with, and are great channels to use for finding and quickly disseminating valuable content on your social media channels.


This is the very best place to start, simply because it essentially a ‘one-click’ place. Set up your profile and preferences (as regards content topics) and it will deliver a steady stream of posts to you. And that’s daily. It’s very easy to use and super fast too. You could quite easily manage all of your content curation via Feedly (at least at a basic level).


Another great place, and this one works because it is huge. Type in a keyword such as ‘sports’ or simply select a category and you will find that Alltop throws back a stack of sites that have content you can look through and share. It’s been around for ages, and just keeps getting more detailed and thorough. You will find amazing content here. Just don;t get too lost in the search. It’s huge and quite distracting if you’re not careful.


This is a little different, and is all about saving the content you want to share in the right place. It;s simply a repository, like an actual pocket, where you can store content you are interested in. Why is this important for content curation? Because you can store a ton of stuff and share it later, for one. Another great thing about Pocket is that you can come back, read your stuff later, and create your own content out of stuff that inspires. It’s double-use stuff basically.

Content curation is vital if you want to keep offering value to your audience, whether it is on your blog or your social media profiles. Use the principles above to get clear on why you need to do it. And then use the 3 resources to get started quickly.

And get sharing.

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