How to sabotage your social media branding

Brands can achieve a lot if they use social media in a robust and consistent way. This means hard work and a clear commitment to a mission. Stepping outside of that approach means trouble.

Once your brand is on top of social media and has developed a ‘way of doing things’ it can sometimes be tempting to slack off, to take it easy. This could mean something as relatively harmless as a throwaway post, or a poor quality tweet (cats jumping at balls of wool for example). That kind of thing happens and it usually leaves brands unscathed.

But some brands really let themselves go, and do stuff on social media that effectively sabotages their efforts. Take a look at the following ‘sins’ and be sure to avoid these social media branding mistakes. Wandering too far into this territory could cost you much.

Comment ignorance

It can be all too easy to ignore comments (oh, and by the way, if you can’t be bothered with comments just turn them off) and many brands do. But if you don’t respond to what people are writing about your content and your brand, you are presenting as ignorant and rude. Worst, you don’t care.

I know you do care, but your audience will think you don’t if you can’t spend some time each day looking at your comments and mentions on social media to respond to stuff that needs responding to. And that’s not just complaints. Think about questions, slight niggles, and even compliments that people are coming up with on social media and give it your all with the responses. It means you will show the audience you care about them and their opinions, and this will improve overall engagement.

The robot thing

It might be true that one day robots will rule the Internet, but it’s not happening this year. So stop automating all of your content. If you’ve mastered the art of having software tweet for you, or update a feed, step back. It’s sabotaging you.

Your audience followed you in the first place because they like you and what you do. If they turn up one day and start to realise that you have some soulless automaton creating your content they will give up on you. The love affair will end.

This also includes using software to post at 3.13 pm every day. What’s that about?

Being that guy at the party who won’t shut up

This is the loud guy who keeps butting in on every conversation and won’t stop telling you about his new car. Or how important it is to invest in property right now. All fascinating stuff, but he’s everywhere. And it’s a big party.

Your brand cannot and should not be on every social network known to man. This will damage your brand massively. Pick out those social networks that have your customers on them (or your prospects) and stick to these. This makes a lot more sense because you can put the time and effort required into them.

The approaches above are how not to do it. Social media can be a glittery thing, something you want to spend all day on. It can also be something that doesn’t show you when things are going wrong. Be alert, be in the right places, and be responsive. Don’t sabotage your brand.

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