How your company can get the most out of social media marketing

You’ve worked hard to bring your company to where it needs to be. You’re small, but growing. You’ve got employees, and they’re happy. Using social media is something you’ve thought about for a long time, but you don’t have the budget for a team, and you don’t have the understanding you need to get any successful social media campaigns off the ground. What do you do and where do you start?

If you’re a small company and you recognise that social media can actually help you market your business, it is worth diving in and going for it. There are many benefits to social media marketing, and a great social media campaign can really lift your brand profile. That’s right, even though you’re a small company, you can still have a brand. And social media helps. Here are some thoughts and pointers.

Embrace the visual side of social media marketing

This is more important now than ever. Companies that use visual media gain much more traction on social. In fact, if you take a look at any Twitter feed from any company you will most likely see an explosion of high quality images. People just don’t expect to see text only tweets or status updates anymore. It’s kind of old.

Embrace this. Invest in a membership to a stock photo company, or look for free platforms to offer high quality images. Don’t rely on Google Images, that will just cause problems with compatibility and copyright. Try Unsplash for starters. They don’t always have what you want, but they certainly have high quality images that grab the attention of an audience.

Whatever you do when you jump into social media, don’t forget the power of visual media.

Jump into social media marketing tools

There are a ton of these around. For example, there are now Twitter apps that can pretty much automate every single aspect of a Twitter campaign other than creating the tweets themselves. Use the apps that are out there to build up a semi-automated social media marketing campaign across as many platforms as you should be on. The more you work with these apps and services, the more time you will have to run your business. Don’t make it difficult, work with the tools. There are some pretty awesome ones out there.

Keep that message of yours super simple on social media marketing

It is tempting to overcomplicate stuff in social media marketing. But the simplest messages work best. Take some of the most enduring branding messages over the past century. Think about Nike with ‘Just do it’ or Coca Cola with ‘Share Happiness’. These messages are simple and clear, and they offer a focused and easy to remember concept to audiences. Even Apple did it years ago with ‘Here’s to the Crazy Ones’.

The basic idea here is to think about your company, and brand your social media marketing campaigns with the same simple message across the board. Essentially, if you can’t get that message across in a tweet, it’s not working for you. A sentence (or less) is always best when using social to convey a brand message.

Try the three principles above when starting out in social media for your company. And above all, take your time, and learn as you go.

If you need a little extra help, this book, for a ridiculously low price, can get you started right. I’ve read it, and it’s helped me enormously. It takes about an hour to read.

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