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Why your marketing is all wrong

Here’s a clip of Gary Vaynerchuk, who is one of the most watchable speakers ever, I believe. His language may be a bit too coarse for some, but his points about marketing, and more specifically about selling, ring true. To use a truly horrifically hackneyed word that I’m almost dreading typing, his ideas resonate.

For once, resonate is justified as a word choice. I was at a networking meeting yesterday and met many excellent people, with some possible partnerships ahead. The one thing I did notice was that there are still a number of people in business who aren’t clear on what content marketing is, or to use an even more vague term that was bandied about, what ‘digital marketing’ is.

If business owners don’t get a handle on content and engagement there is going to be a big problem. That’s what Gary is saying in this video. They’ll literally be sending out pointless, bland updates and pieces of content to customers who are simply not interested.

All marketing is now about context 

Gary’s idea is simple. He believes that marketing is now all about context. Content is obviously very important and it drives a large part of what companies need to do, but context guarantees a push towards sales.

There are too many marketers out there who are essentially scared of sales and just want to build relationships and go softly, softly.

Relationships are important but at some point you have to pay the bills. You have to sell your product or service, No matter how many likes or retweets you get, unless they are translating into revenue you are simply wasting your time.

The growing social elements in marketing

I think Gary is hinting at how these various social media elements can translate into revenue. With marketing becoming more social than it has ever been, context is becoming absolutely vital. Here at Talented Content I shall be looking more carefully at the context of my various status updates too, as a direct result of watching this video.

Perhaps most alarmingly, Gary touches upon the fact that people have finally stopped paying attention. Take his test, look at five people on the street, and see just how many are texting or interacting with things that are much more important and much more interesting than the billboard above their heads.

As each new generation arrives it becomes more plugged in to this faster way of living. It is a chance for all of us to try and create stories that have an impact upon our customers and prospects. Unless we do, and unless we ensure these stories can be told in 10 seconds or less, we will not have a hope of engaging people.

For now, your business has a new marketing challenge ahead of it: storytelling for people who no longer have time for stories.

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