Why you should use the phone as part of your marketing services


Some slightly worrying news for anyone who offers marketing services here. Apparently, marketing services providers are sometimes missing a trick when it comes to the finer points. A report by Response Tap has found that UK consumers are saying that, even in this digital age, the phone call has a big role to play in marketing. Amazingly, a phone call still goes a long way towards creating a customer.

We were a little bit surprised to find out that £502 million is spent online every week. That’s a sizeable chunk of the economy, and these consumers, according to the survey, are saying that the phone call really helps when they make purchases. One in three online shoppers, according to the report, still like talking on the phone to ‘customer services’ before they buy. That’s a third of that big £502 million figure. Interestingly, the figure rises for those who are aged over 55, and this is important because two thirds of retail spending growth is going to contain people from this age group over the next 10 years…

The survey shows the flaw in certain companies, specifically those that use marketers ‘in- house’. Only 78% of marketers link phone calls to marketing, even in basic level campaigns.

Busy doing nothing

In fact, if you read the report carefully, you’ll see that the majority of marketers that work for companies or are hired by companies don’t actually do much when it comes to phone calls. This is one aspect of your business that may need looking at over the next year or so. While online marketing is gathering strength, many businesses are failing to notice that the telephone is still an incredibly useful tool to include as part of their marketing services.

Don’t forget that this doesn’t just mean telesales. It means excellent customer service, because customer service is a huge aspect of your marketing services. Customer service represents your company to your customer, and if it is handled badly, this will directly affect revenue.

We encourage you to read this report, just so you know that there is one aspect of marketing services that really can’t be ignored. Even if your presence is entirely online, you should be using the phone to market your products and services. Remember that £86 million a week of the national online spend is linked, by this report, to good use of the phone when marketing.

By Sahail Ashraf


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