Quick wins to help increase blog engagement

Engagement is the Holy Grail online. It’s all well and good to have traffic, but unless people are actually engaging with your site, blog or social media content, the whole thing is a big waste of time and money. Personally, I’ve felt the pain here. After spending literally three days straight creating a series of lengthy blog posts a few years ago, I hit ‘publish’, only to find that basically, no one cared.

There are ways to increase engagement on your blog. We will look at a few of them here. Have a go at implementing these strategies into your blogging routine. Like most things in the world of blogging, they’re simple proof that persistence and consistency pay off.

Make your images better

Images gain much more engagement on social media, and on your blog they will help in a big way. Source images that are vibrant but simple. Each image you include in your blog has to have some connection with your content too. It needs to make sense.

Find some decent image sources and use them. If you have to pay for visual content, so be it. In the end, having striking and resonant visual imagery on your blog will naturally make more people want to get involved and follow what you are doing. And that makes any investment worth it.

Images rock. Don’t neglect them.

Make it easier to read

One simple tip here is to reduce the size of your paragraphs. Take into account that people online have very short attention spans (just a second or two more than a goldfish has) and that should convince you that keeping your text focused on having short paragraphs will help.

While we are on the subject of making your blog easier to read, take a look at your sentence length too. Shorter sentences work. Obviously, you can’t make all your sentences short but it is worth considering the power of a very long and involving sentence right next to a shorter one. Like this, in fact.

When it comes to improving blog engagement, easier reading is important.

Subheadings increase blog engagement

These things really help. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Imagine encountering a blog post that is simply one wall of boring text. It’s no fun. But some people still do this with their blogging. And then they wonder why it fails.

Include at least 2-3 subheadings in every single blog post you write. It breaks up text and makes it easier to read. And if people find something easier to read, it means they will more likely engage with what you have to offer.

These 3 quick wins (as in you can implement them on your next post) are worth looking into. But make them part of what you do on a regular basis, and you will see more engagement.

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