blog is my life

How to tell if you should write a business blog

blog is my life

Believe it or not, not everyone is suited to a blog. Your business may not need one, for a start. It may be perfectly happy with just a site that shows your products or services and a price list. And that’s fine, some businesses are built like that.

But if you need a blog that works as part of your business marketing, this post may help. Today, we are going to look through a number of considerations you need to have in your mind before you jump into blogging. Basically, we’re going to test your blogging mettle. See if you’re up to the job.

If you don’t meet all of the following criteria, don’t worry. Not every blogger does. But if you want to have  a blog as part of your business marketing you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to most of the following questions.

Do you like to write?

You can’t run a blog unless you love writing. And that means the mundane stuff as well as the ‘look at me I’m writing an opinion piece’ writing that gets most people excited. Sometimes you just have to write a post called ‘3 reasons you need a new shower curtain ring’. There’s no way around it. And if you don’t like writing, that’s really going to be a tough one.

Are you a better writer than a speaker?

Some people are fantastic at speaking. They can talk forever and keep an audience captivated. If this is you, consider podcasting. It’s just as valid a business marketing technique as blogging, and some people actually prefer listening to ideas than reading them. You could also set up a Youtube channel and get to work making a series of videos that help you to show your expertise. You don’t necessarily need to write.

On the other hand, if you have the personality of a dead rat, or you’re just a better writer than a speaker, you’re probably better off blogging.

Are you highly motivated?

The best blogs are run by people who don’t need a boss. Instead, they get their stuff done on time and to a high quality, every time. They don’t wait for instructions and are true ‘self-starters’. Are you motivated enough to post regularly, without fail?

Are you able to stand by what you write?

There are some very poorly-written blogs out there, and there are also some blogs that are offensive too. You can write something awful on your blog, something offensive, and delete it if you want, but that won’t make it go away.

Blogs are often archived online, and your content can literally linger forever. If you can’t trust yourself to be professional and generally a nice person, you could be in trouble.

Do you like reading?

You need to read. Read other bloggers, read other website content from companies in your field. Get to know what people are writing about. It makes your writing better and it helps to keep you motivated when you read up on the latest thinking in your industry.

Can you wait at least six months?

It can take even longer for a blog to start getting traffic. Most blogs never get off the ground because people are not willing to put in the effort and do it with patience. Give it a year and you may see results. And that’s with consistent posting. If you can’t wait, don’t waste your time. Find another platform for your business marketing.

By Sahail Ashraf

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