What you get:


  1. Marketing plans that are created carefully and strategically, and bring measurable results
  2. Full marketing campaigns that help to develop, build and maintain your brand, locally and beyond


  1. Webpages that have crisp, clear copy that converts visitors into customers
  2. Email marketing campaigns that turn leads into engaged, paying customers
  3. Press releases that get seen and read by people who buy
  4. Brochures and flyers that actually sell
  5. Descriptions for your products that sell benefits and make people want to buy
  6. Blog posts that are relevant, regularly updated, current and unique, so your site visitors see you as an authority
  7. Articles that are professional and engaging
  8. Ad text that gains attention, creates interest, and converts readers into buyers

And much more.

To find out more about how we can make your business bigger and better, email us here.

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Here’s what some of our clients have said:

'Sahail of Talented Content is a great guy who really took the time to learn about my vision and help me to develop a better understanding of who my customers really are and most importantly, how to attract them to what I do. I now have a really focused Marketing Strategy for 2014 and can’t wait to get started. I was so impressed with Sahail that I am working with him on my online implementation. Thank you Sahail.'

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