Web Content

Attention Grabbing webpages that have crisp, clear copy that converts visitors into customers.

Web Content

A big part of what we do at Talented Content is Web content. From static pages to landing pages that bring leads and conversions, we have it covered. It’s our bread and butter, and how we started writing for the Web.

Static Web content

We can write your About Us page, your home page, or any other page that stays pretty much the same on your site. One of our most popular packages is the standard 5-page Static Web content package. Or if you just want your About Us optimised and made irresistible, we can do that too.

Landing Pages

If you need to test multiple pages to see which one converts better, allow us to help. We can attach lots of writers to a landing page split test, to see which works the best, or use just one writer with many different versions of a page. The end result is the landing page that works the best, and brings in more revenue.

Develop a voice

It’s important to have a voice with Web content. Even a small website can convey a style and tone that is unique to you and your mission. Stand out in your market with content that helps to brand you and your company, whether you’re a small outfit, or a multinational conglomerate.

Big or small Web content projects

If you need one page, we will bring it to you quickly. If you have hundreds of pages as part of your project, we can assign multiple writers. No job is too big, and no project too small.


Web content pages start from just £50, and discount packages are available for bulk orders.

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