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Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses: how to add value

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Successful social media marketing isn’t just measured by the size of a company’s fan base. Even more important than how many fans and followers your company can gain, is how many it can actually keep.


Sahail Ashraf‘s insight:

In this article there are some great points about using social media in business.

The key aspect that keeps coming up here is the one that we at Talented Content are always talking about: helping customers. Listening to people and sharing great stuff with them that builds a conversation is much more valuable for everyone concerned, even the business that is trying to win clients.

The lesson here for you if you run a business and you’re looking at social media is simple. Reach out and connect, like the article says, for 80% of the time. This is how you build relationships and a loyal base of people who simply want to know what you think.

And when they want even more help with their problems, they will come to you.

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