How to sabotage your social media branding

Brands can achieve a lot if they use social media in a robust and consistent way. This means hard work and a clear commitment to a mission. Stepping outside of that approach means trouble. Once your brand is on top of social media and has developed a ‘way of doing things’ it can sometimes be […]


Why Google + is somewhere all brands need to be

Social media has long been a bit of a tricky game, with brands struggling to find the right platform for their voice, and too many distractions popping up to, well, distract them. But the recent growth of Google + and the subsequent realisation of its power makes the social network a real benefit to any […]


How to prevent social media platforms overwhelm

It’s often the case that the problems we face in business are quite easy to solve. One of the biggest (and easiest to solve) problems I have seen with my clients involves social media overwhelm. This is where a client has so much going on with social media that they are, essentially, killing off their […]


How to gain credibility online. And quick

A few months ago I was at a really awful networking meeting (I might as well be honest about it) where I ended up literally watching the clock, eating stale bread rolls while making depressing ‘conversation’ with astonishingly boring and self-serving people. Not a great morning. But the worst part was seeing a guy step […]


7 inspiring content marketing examples

Content marketing is all about sharing helpful ideas, engaging customers (and prospects) and also building your brand. But it’s difficult to get right. So many companies ‘do’ content marketing these days that it seems almost impossible to break through the noise and create stellar, effective content that makes your company better, more visible, and more […]

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How to write About Us page content

Your About Us (or About Me for individuals) page is one of the most important pages on your site. If you don’t believe this, everyone else does. Take a look at your site metrics, the data you get from a site like Google Analytics. Chances are that every single visitor (or nearly every single visitor) […]

Great video content marketing through gelato

I thought I was going to talk about Facebook today because that seems like a reasonably hot topic right now, but instead I’m going to talk about gelato. I’m a little annoyed because for some bizarre reason I was brought up to not know the difference between gelato and ice cream. And it grates. Anyway, […]

The one question every business owner dreads?

I spoke to a prospective client today. He runs a successful and growing Web development agency. It makes apps too, and is poised to become an even more successful agency soon, as the world pretty much goes completely mobile. After a few minutes I started to realise that I was being a real chicken about […]