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The Ultimate Blogging Cheat Sheet

Got a new blog? Great. Don’t touch it.

Read this first.

If you have created a new blog you have in your hands a golden opportunity. You have the chance to take something that is brand new and make it a special and worthy piece of work.

Or you could of course go the way most bloggers and online business hopefuls do and just stumble your way through the dark before the blog becomes more of a liability than an asset.

I’m kind of hoping you chose the first option. Here’s what I think you should do, starting today, if you have just begun a new blog.

And you want to make money with it.

Set up

Set up your blog right. Use a WordPress self-hosted option and ensure the domain name has some kind of link (the stronger the better) to what you are going to be blogging about. This is because, as you start to gain traction, people will find you in search if they use the keywords you have in your URL. Get the blog set up right at the beginning and you will save yourself a world of stress later on.

Create incredible content

Even your worst content should be readable and shareable. If you’re not a great writer, at least work on the post title so it gets attention.

If you can afford it, hire a freelancer to create videos and infographics if you can’t do it yourself. But ensure that everything you do is consistent in terms of quality. You will only get noticed and drive traffic to your blog if the content you create is totally awesome in it’s own right.

Share all of your amazing content across social networks

Make sure that every single time you post anything on social, you ask people to share. Share as much as you can. Ask everyone to share.

Just share.

Contact the people who hold influence in the arena

This could even be a medium-sized blogger (not in physical size, but influence) who you reach out to and offer to create free content for. It could be a major figure that you retweet, a lot. On the thousandth retweet, contact her and ask if she wouldn’t mind being on your podcast.

Use analytics to work out which posts are actually having an impact, and which are not

Make decisions on what to keep, what to write and create about, and what to avoid like the plague. A good grasp of analytics helps you fine tune your approach, and even improve it for next month.

Get the above right and you are already ten steps ahead of most other bloggers out there. If you’re running your own business you especially need to follow these steps, because your time and money is limited.

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