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Top two social media management tools I’m using right now

Social media is here to stay, and it just seems to get even more complicated every year. There are now probably hundreds of tools and resources out there that are designed to help you ‘manage’ and ‘streamline’ your social media, but choosing the right tools can be tricky. In fact, it could be an absolute nightmare. Fear not, in this post I’m going to be looking at two tools that I feel are essential if you are to get the most out of your social media. Each of the picks is a valuable addition to any brand’s social media arsenal.


This is a super quick and easy platform to get set up on and used to. And once you are on it and up and running, you’ll find it invaluable for time-saving on social media. As social media management tools go, it just helps by cutting out a bot of that mundane work you normally face each time you make a new connection.

Discoverly works by simply telling you about and giving you information on all the other social media networks that your connections are on. But t doesn’t just do this when you hover over their Twitter profile, it even allows you to find their various social media profiles from their emails.

Why is this useful? Well, it gives you more reach for a start. By being able to connect on more than one platform with ease, all the hard work involved in building connections on other platforms is simply removed. It saves time.


If you are on Twitter, then you need to use Tweetdeck. It allows for a ton of different reports to be created, across multiple Twitter accounts. You can get an instant overview of the mentions you are receiving, and the followers you are accumulating. But perhaps the very best thing about Tweetdeck is it’s simplicity.

You can pick up and run with Tweetdeck within minutes. Sure, it’s another dashboard to navigate, but when you get all the information on what is going on, right now, with your Twitter accounts in a constantly updating feed, you can’t really ask for more.

It’s invaluable, and has been the one tool I have used consistently ever since I started up with Twitter. With the real time aspect, and the amount of valuable monitoring that can be done simply by firing it up, it’s indispensable if you are on Twitter.

Take a look at the two tools here. I can’t live without them, and they are truly helpful. I’m totally focused on keeping things simple and quick at the moment, and these two resources help with this in a huge way.

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