Six ridiculously easy ways to build a great press release

The whole point of producing a press release is to get attention. This means that you are producing something that you hope editors and journalists see immediately within the stack of press releases and stories they receive every day. It also means that when your press release goes out on the Internet, it is read and appreciated by a wider audience. It’s brutal out there, and having a press release that does anything by half measures means it just won’t get read.

In this post we will look at just a few of the key aspects of a high quality press release, with some ideas of how to implement these aspects too.

The first big job is to make sure that your headline is one that grabs attention. Headlines should detail what is going on in the press release, but they should be so engaging and so compelling that the average human being has no choice but to read on.

The first paragraph should build on this compulsion. Ensure that the first two sentences are so incredibly well written and so urgent that they force the reader to go on. It should include the facts around your news, but also be compelling and exciting enough to make people think I have to read the rest of this release.

The best press releases have no grammar or spelling mistakes. Sure, you’ll see lots of press releases on Google News, for example, that are full of spelling and grammar issues. This does not mean they’re being read. There is no excuse for poor grammar and spelling in a press release. Treat it as something that you would send to the editor of a top newspaper and that should help you make sure your proofreading is spot on.

Always include a quote from somebody. It needs to be someone in the company who is close to the event or news item. Quotes give that human input that is vitally important to a high quality press release. The general rule of thumb is that you should at least include a quote from the head of the company.

Don’t go over one page. Some people will tell you two pages is fine, but you show me an editor or journalist in the world who would read past one page and I see someone who’s got too much time on their hands.

If you have a lot to talk about, and the news is just full of so many details that one page seems impossible, include links to your website where more news can be found. This works well anyway because it makes people interested in what you have to tell them. So if you have lots of information that you can’t cover in a one-page press release, include links that point to a place (your site, Twitter, whatever) where people can find out more.

A press release is still seen as the single best way to generate interest in a product or service. But if it is done badly it can make you look very, very bad. When you are next writing a press release, think of the ideas in this post, they should help you increase the impact of the press release.

By Sahail Ashraf

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