The death of content marketing?

Why Content Marketing is Killing Content Marketing

The death of content marketing?

The death of content marketing?

See on Scoop.itcontent marketing (subscription) Why Content Marketing is Killing Content Marketing Business 2 Community If you have already jumped onto the content marketing bandwagon, it’s time to step back and take a hard look at exactly what you are…


Sahail Ashraf‘s insight:

It’s important to deliver quality in your content because there will be a huge shift towards looking for better content online. Hit the link above to see a good piece on this problem.

Bizarrely, the Internet has now become a hopelessly confusing place when it comes to answers. Google is trying to sift through the mess, but in the end, unless people seriously start to develop less content, and better content, the Internet will be one big landfill.

As a business owner, ask yourself this question:

If someone came to me and wanted to know answers about my specialist field, and they were relying on me to provide expertise, what kind of stuff would I talk about?

When you know the answer to that, your website, your blog, your email marketing and everything else, will be well-informed, long-lasting and useful.

Until then, no one is listening.

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